The Seven sacred pools

April 9, 2018

Seven sacred pools in Maui and professional Maui engagement photography, engagement portrait or family portraits picture 

Each beach provides something special. The Pools are very popular, and you might feel just like you walked into a neighborhood pool party as opposed to a secluded paradise. They are sometimes closed if the currents are very strong and could possibly put people in danger who may be in the lower swimming pools. And while they are currently closed for swimming until further notice, the mere sight of them will remind you why Maui is considered one of the most sacred and healing spots on the planet. The Seven Sacred Pools are observed along the coast and are considered among the most striking organic wonders in all Maui, Hawaii.

There's no safe accessibility to the ocean in any way from here on account of the rough and jagged rocks along the full shore at Kipahula. From this Maui tourist attraction there are a number of other things to do in the region. It is always crowded on weekends and, even though the parking lot is large, it is often full. You'll come to a residential area facing a huge field which may or might not be full of cows. The Seven sacred pools are a special place for engagement portrait photography  or excellent family portrait picture in Maui.

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