Wedding rings

June 23, 2016

One of the most permanent reminders of a Maui wedding is the wedding rings. Unlike the food and bouquets, and even the pictures, the wedding rings are a constant, visual reminder of the commitment made by the bride and groom. They wear their rings every day for the rest of their lives, so the rings must be beautiful, durable and represent the style of the people wearing them.

Traditional rings are simple bands of a sturdy metal, often gold. In recent years, platinum has become the metal of choice, and for those that prefer the look of silver, platinum is often the best choice. However, many wedding rings go beyond simple metal bands. Many women are choosing to wear their engagement rings forever, picking a wedding ring that can be worn with the engagement ring.

Many people choose rings that reflect a passion of theirs. For example, couples that are fans of a specific movie might choose to have wedding rings with quotes from that movie engraved on their bands. Other people might choose to have rings engraved with other things of significance to them

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