Wedding bouquet

June 27, 2016

The wedding bouquet is an important part of the floral design for a wedding. Indeed, cost cutting brides will often reduce the amount of fresh flowers purchased for the ceremony and reception but will retain the bouquet. The wedding bouquet allows a bride to emphasize the color scheme of the wedding and provides a colorful accent against the white of her wedding gown.

There are almost as many different kinds of wedding bouquets as there are brides. Bouquets can be traditional or modern, and come in every color and flower type imaginable. Designing the bouquet is often a complex task that is best handled by an expert, although in some cases simpler designs are able to be produced by the bride or a wedding planner.

The wedding bouquet will be visible throughout the ceremony and in most or all of the pictures taken of the bride. For this reason, it is absolutely essential to be sure that the bouquet is well down, solidly constructed, and reflects the style and taste of the bride. By picking a bouquet that emphasizes the color scheme of the wedding and reflects her taste, a bride ensures that she will feel confident with her most visible wedding accessory in hand.

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