Top 10 wedding photographers

June 23, 2016

Chris+Lynn An Emmy award-winning team. Their bold artistic vision and photo journalistic talent have won them national and international recognition.

Ben Chrisman Ben's wedding photography is imaginative, intimate and authentic. He is currently ranked as the top wedding photographer in the world by the Wedding Photojournalist Association.

Jonas Peterson Jonas Peterson, a full-time photographer who knows how to capture the stories around him, the small things that happen every day. 

Jason Group Jason saw an opportunity to leverage his background in boutique wedding photography and "many" it with his network of award-winning photographers.

Mark Mark has worked as a photo journalist for major newspapers and magazines, with major advertising agencies on corporate accounts and on special assignment for corporate clients. 

Kitty & Craig Fritz Kitty and Clark worked six years as a staff photojournalist for The Albuquerque Journal and is currently a freelance editorial photographer. Craig Fritz began his career as a photojournalist at the Santa Fe New Mexica and was a finalist in William Randolph Hearst Foundation Journalism Awards. 

Sean & Melanie McLellan Sean and Melanie McLellan are the internationally acclaimed husband and wife photography team behind McLellan Style. They pride themselves on their ability to capture the beauty of a person's essence and the style within. 

CU Photography CU Photography has a solitary goal which is to create fun, romantic and artistic wedding and engagement photographs, whether at an exotic beach front in Mexico, or a community hall in rural Alberta. 

Adam Alex Adams' reputation for taking intimate, passionate, and signature images is what he is highly recommended for. With the use of great lighting techniques and imaginative angles, Adam creates magnificent images that reflect beauty and fun. 

Eric Laurits Eric Laurits specializes in headshots for actors, musicians, and good people in general. He also known as the best head shot photographer in Boston. 

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