Legal gay marriage

June 23, 2016

Legal gay marriage There are many different reasons to legalize gay marriage and many reasons not to, the majority surround the idea of family importance. The definition of what a family is has not been securitized more in my time than it has with Gay Marriage. I don't think this is a debate that will ever be "won" it is also a topic that you will never convince someone opinion to change. First, to define what a family is I don't think can be compared to the sex of the family members. The concept of a family is what each individual means to each other and how each one cares end loves each other. I don't think the definition of a family should be compared to the idea of same sex marriages, but rather the care and love each one gives each other. It should be wrong to say that a marriage of same sex is considered wrong when there are difference sex families mostly considered "normal" that I would never consider what a family should represent. A marriage of individuals of different sex, yet never support each other, never protect each other or appreciate one another should not be considered. One argument for not legalizing same sex marriage is that it is against a religion. I can respect that except why should you my same sex marriage should not be legal because your religion does not allow it. There are several religions on this earth, maybe that couple belongs to a religion that does not care, or maybe they don't practice any type of religion. 

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