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Maui is the second largest island in the Hawaiian Islands, and boasts about their panoramic vistas of the beach scenery. Maui is a very famous place for beach weddings exactly because of this reason. Many hotels offer Maui weddings and other services to host your dream wedding as well. One of the necessities for a perfect wedding is beautiful photographs of your Maui wedding. If you are planning to hold your wedding in Maui then you must consider choosing the Affordable photography, Maui wedding, an unparallel name to wedding photographer in Maui, to cover all of your wedding sessions including outdoor shooting. The Affordable photographers, Maui wedding has been offering all types of Maui wedding packages and services in Maui by Erika and Lubomir Petrovic. Lubomir started photography at 11 years old, now with the Affordable Photographer, Maui wedding photography Company, has taken wedding photography in Maui Hawaii to a whole new level.

Affordable Maui beach weddings

Weddings are one of the most important moments in all of a family's history together. Here's how to be sure you get the best photos at the biggest bang for your buck!

Do you research 

Don't just pick the first Maui photographer you see because he or she was recommended to you or you see an ad for a great price. Be sure to take the time to check their reputability and experience so you know you will get the pictures you deserve.

Compare prices

Many wedding photography specialists offer great packages, so call around and see who is offering the best deal to be sure you're paying a fair price.

Sunset picture: Dream weddings in paradise

Every little girl dreams of how she wants her perfect wedding day to be. It is pretty hard to beat a destination in wedding in paradise, with the sun slowly setting in the background and the glow of the fading star lighting her up in the most divine ways.

The most important thing to remember when planning a sunset beach wedding in Maui Hawaii

•Timing – If you're going for a wedding at sunset, be sure you know exactly when the sun is supposed to set. Remember…the time that they give on weather sites is the time when the sun will actually BE set already - so shoot for saying the vows 20 or 30 minutes prior – that's when you will get the glow you seek.

Wedding photographers in Maui

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