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Modeling , acting and auditions photography 

In a beautiful location, it is only natural to want to get some glamour shots of yourself or your spouse. If you're going on your first model shoot, here are some things you'll want to know:

1.  The S curve. This is the first pose my very first photographer taught me and works well for any glamour shot. The S curve is a simple maneuver in which goes ‘chest out, tummy in, rear out'

2.  Lighting is crucial. If you're going to do a destination model photography shoot, be sure that your photographer has pro lights or that you're working close to the "golden hour" which is right before sunset when the sky has warm tones but the sun is not overbearing.

3.  Don't overdo your makeup. You are beautiful as is and you want your pictures to show the real you. Use makeup to highlight your best features, instead of covering them up. Choose shades that complement and highlight your natural beauty, not dark shades that will look like stage makeup.

4. Think about your outfits. Don't choose outfits with too much writing or graphics. Instead, choose solid colors that will complement your facial and hair features without being overbearing.

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